Guitar Repairs

When seasons changing sometime it cause the neck bow, I believe that we must have experienced, but do you know that the neck bow issues can be extended to fret buzz, string action too high, intonation off these kind of basic common issue? Don't worry, Siga has been working electric guitar/bass repairs work for more than 8 years after MI graduated. Had done repairs, tone upgrades, modification work in Hong Kong and in the States Bay Area with number of bands: Nervous Factor, Mayari, Aris, Domino & the Derelicts, Crying on Vacation, La Insignia, Toxiko and more. If you are interested please check out my video, photos, menu and price below, if you can’t find what you are looking look please fill out the form on the bottom.



Fixed Bridge $77
Tremolo $87
Floyd Rose Tremolo $97
Electric / Acoustic Guitar Restring $32
Classical Guitar Restring $47
Strings are charged separately


Pre-slot Tusq Nut $68
Handcraft Bone Nut $140
Acoustic / Classical Handcraft Bone Nut & Saddle Package $195
Strings are charged separately


Fret Level $185
Re-Fret (Non-Binding) $290
Re-Fret (Binding) $385
Stainless Steel Fret Wire + $105
Strings are charged separately


Trouble Shooting $45 ~ $70
Shielding $70
Pickups Installation $98 / pair
Complete Rewire $98
CTS Control Pots, Switches, Switchcraft Out Put Jack Replacement $ Ask for price
Hollow Body + $40


Orange Drop Capacitors $48 pair
Bumble Bee Paper-In-Oil Capacitors $98 pair
Black Beauty Paper-In-Oil Capacitors $98 pair
Phone Book Paper-In-Wax Capacitors $98 pair
Grey Tiger Paper-In-Wax Capacitors $98 pair
Jimmy Page Mod $125
Killswitch Mod (with LED) $108
Peter Green Mod $90
50’s Wiring $55
Hollow Body + $40

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